What does it mean to pin content on IPFS?

In IPFS, nodes frequently cache content that gets routed through them. This means that popular content frequently lives on many places of the network at once.

However, eventually, the node cache becomes full, and then garbage collection happens. This means that the node empties its cache to make room for more content.

Why should I choose W3IPFS to pin my content?

Pinning your content with W3IPFS offers you peace of mind, knowing that your valuable content will always be online. Our service eliminates the need for you to manage and monitor your own IPFS nodes, as we take care of that for you. Additionally, W3IPFS provides user-friendly tools that offer valuable insights into the content you pin on IPFS.

What is the pricing model of W3IPFS?

To explore the pricing details for W3IPFS Pinning Service, please refer to our premium pricing page.

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