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Payment details

  1. Wallet Creation:
    • When the user creates an account, a wallet is automatically generated.
    • The wallet address provided is exclusively for receiving AIOZ tokens.
  2. Deposits:
    • To deposit funds into the wallet, the user must send AIOZ tokens to the provided wallet address.
    • Ensure that you send only AIOZ tokens to the designated wallet address. Sending any other cryptocurrency may result in a permanent loss of funds.
    • Minimum Deposit Value: The minimum deposit value is more than 0.01 AIOZ tokens. Deposits below this amount will still be recorded but will not be added to the user's balance. However, the total amount will be added to their balance if the user makes multiple deposits that sum up to 0.01 AIOZ tokens or more.
    • To view your deposit transactions, please access the Payment. (opens in a new tab)
  3. Conversion Rate:
    • The conversion rate used for billing is based on the current market rate of AIOZ/USDT.
    • Please note that the conversion rate may fluctuate during the billing period, and the rate at the time of deposit will be applied.
  4. Credit Calculation:
    • The credited amount will be calculated based on the conversion rate of AIOZ to USDT at the time of deposit.
    • The amount credited will be the total AIOZ tokens deposited multiplied by the AIOZ/USDT conversion rate.
  5. Hourly Billing Calculation:
    • Billing is calculated based on the hourly usage of storage and bandwidth.
    • Storage costs: $20 per 1TB per month will be divided by the number of hours in a month to determine the hourly storage rate.
    • Bandwidth costs: $20 per 1TB will be divided by the number of hours in a month to determine the hourly bandwidth rate.
    • The first 40K pinned files are free, after that, an additional $0.10 per 1000 extra pinned files will be charged.
    • Your wallet balance will be deducted immediately based on hourly usage, and the remaining balance will be reflected in your wallet.
  6. Daily Usage History:
    • Your daily usage history, including storage and bandwidth consumption, will be available in the History Usage (opens in a new tab) tab.
    • This will provide you with a breakdown of the usage and associated costs for each day.

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