Getting upload status

Getting upload status

When using the AIOZ W3IPFS pinning service for uploading and storing data, you can check the status of your upload using the following methods.

  1. File listing page (opens in a new tab): AIOZ W3IPFS provides a file listing page where you can see a list of the files you've uploaded.
    • Pinning: This status indicates that your upload is in the queue and awaiting processing by the pinning service.
    • Pinned: The pinned status confirms that your data has been successfully stored and pinned on the IPFS network.
    • Failed: This status indicates that the data upload has failed or the graph of data is incomplete.
  2. JavaScript client's check method: The AIOZ W3IPFS JavaScript client provides a check method that you can use to retrieve information about the upload status.
  3. HTTP API: AIOZ W3IPFS offers an HTTP API that allows you to send a GET request to the /pinning/{pinId} endpoint to fetch the status of your upload. Replace {pinId} with the ID of your uploaded data. The response will include the status information, including whether the upload is complete or if it has failed.

If you have a large upload with numerous blocks, such as a directory containing a significant number of files (e.g., a directory for your 10K NFT drop), the AIOZ W3IPFS pinning service may show the status as pinning indefinitely. This occurs when the upload is too large for immediate validation of its completeness as a graph.