Premium Gateways

Premium Gateways

  • This documentation provides a guide to premium gateways for the W3IPFS pinning service. Premium gateways offer faster speeds and increased rate limits for retrieving content stored on the IPFS.
  • W3IPFS's Premium Gateways are for users who need faster speed or increased rate limits when retrieving content.

Benefits of Premium Gateways

Premium gateways for the W3IPFS pinning service provide several advantages:

  1. Limitless Access: Enjoy unrestricted rate limits when requesting content from your premium gateway.
  2. Reliability and High-Performance: Benefit from unmatched speed through a global network of 200+ edge-caching locations.

Limited Premium Gateways

Free plan users of the W3IPFS pinning service have access to a limited premium gateway. This version allows serving individual files like images, videos, and audio. However, files containing HTML and scripts will not be served through the limited premium gateway. Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks the full potential of premium gateways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bandwidth in the context of premium gateways?
Bandwidth represents the data transferred when viewing or downloading files through your premium gateway. It includes images, videos, audio, and other file types. You can track your gateway's bandwidth usage on the Gateways page of your W3IPFS account.

Does the type of file (image, video, audio, etc.) affect the bandwidth usage of my premium gateway?
No matter the file type, the bandwidth usage of your premium gateway remains the same.

What happens if the premium gateway is on and I run out of money on my account?
If the premium gateway is on and you run out of money on your account, the premium gateway option will automatically turn off. However, you can still access the pinned files through the public gateway.